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In December 2008, I built over the course of a weekend, on a whim. It was a nice little Rails project with a cleanly defined use case. Initially just a one-page web site, it soon added a daily email blast and a twitter feed so folks could get their parking information.

Since then, we've delivered over 15 million emails to an average of 10,000 subscribers, and the site's been featured in The New York Times. Not bad for a weekend project.

But it's time to move on. Back when I started the site, the New York City Department of Transportation was still communicating parking status the old-fashioned way, mostly by notifying local mass media. Today, you can sign up for email updates, check the 311 web site, or follow the official Twitter feed. (Ironically, the logo for the official NYC Parking twitter account seems to have come from my feed.)

Given the city's online progress, there just isn't as much of a place for a one-man service to add value. As of June 1, 2013, I plan to shut down my service, archive the server, and turn it off for good. Thanks to everyone who subscribed all these years, and best of luck finding your next parking spot!


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ian jarvis

just want to thank you for a great service - great value to all of us - I jarvis - upper west side

Eugene Levy

Thanks for the service, it saved my bacon more than once.

Good luck on your future efforts.


Thank you. It was an excellent ride.


Very disappointing..but was a great service,but still disappointed.


thanks, i have used your service for years and really appreciate it!

DJ Roro

You saved my *ss countless times. Thank you so much, best wishes


Informing your subscribers shows great professionalism on your part. Something absent on any city owned site ( or service for that matter) Best of luck in your future endeavors.


Will feel lost without my friendly reminder don't do this don't let nostalgia be pushed aside for technology.


Disappointed and will miss it but Informing your subscribers shows great professionalism on your part. Best to you

Chuck from Jersey

Your service is so needed and greatly appreciated. It is true you never know what you have until it is gone. I am missing it already. THANK YOU for being simple and direct and extremely professional! Please let us know your next endeavor. I will support with time Nd money if needed!
Chuck "who did not get ONE NYC ticket!" from Jersey

Stacey Ford

Thank you for helping me get the rhythm of asp when I permanentlymove to nyc. I appreciate you and your efforts in keeping us informed. I am wondering how many people subscribed? I am glad to be one of them. Peace


Oh no!! Well understood, though I can't imagine the city's will be as clean and clear and easy as you and yours. Thank you very much for all the time and effort and care you've given this.
Please let us know if there is anything we can do - donate something? Kickstarter your next project? Happy to have you ask.
All the best,


Thank you for providing this service! Best of luck with your next venture.


I appreciate all you have done for us by keeping us informed each day. You will be missed.

Good Luck in the future!


Thank you for everything, including your professional announcement about stopping the mailings. You will be missed!


Thank you for the emails that probably saved me thousands of dollars in potential parking tickets,your emails will be missed.

howard leshaw

thanks!!!!! you did a fantastic job will miss you, the city will find a way to screw it up so stay close by


Kudos thanks
Repeating the positives aforesaid
The force is with you


You and your service are a loss to the community. Blessings and gratitude.

Constance Sasso

I too will miss the comfort of this daily service you have provided. Best of luck to you in you new challenges! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


thanks for the updates.... now what are you up to next?!

Ellyn Austin

Thank u for the always read updates, so soooory u are not continuing. U made it soo easy! And saved me more than once..thanks


Thank u so much. So very sorry u are shutting down, u saved me more than once. And u made it so very easy .. thanks..


Thank you so much for providing this service. You really made life easier.


Thanks for the service! Curious though, gonna open source it?

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