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Westward Ho: I'm Moving to Los Angeles


I'm excited to announce that as of the start of August, I'll be moving to Los Angeles to pursue a management job at a subsidiary of Amazon.Com, within their IMDB business. It's a great team and I'm looking forward to joining. I'll provide more information about the new role down the road in a separate post. Years ago, a successful entrepreneur told me that you have to be willing to chase the best opportunities wherever they may be. He said it was hard enough to find the right deal without limiting yourself in terms of location. At least this time, I'm following that advice. I expect that for some folks who know me personally, my leaving New York City will be a surprise. I was born in Manhattan and have spent most of my three decades here, with some short stints in Boston for school and work. I still absolutely love "The City" and my move has nothing to do with any change of heart about The Island at the Center of the World. It will always be home for me.

At the same time, LA will mean a lot of new opportunities for me not only professionally, but outside of work as well. New places and people to photograph, a ton of new weekend trip / road trip destinations, and a chance to maybe get out mountain biking regularly, something I've been saying I'd do here in New York for the better part of a decade now but have never managed to make happen. I'll even finally have to own a car, for the first time in my life. It should be interesting. So, if you're in LA, or life takes you there sometime in August or later, let me know and we'll get a beer or coffee somewhere you can see the ocean. I'm looking forward to it. (Photo from Shorpy.)


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Congrats, Tom, and best of luck! - Pamela Parker Caird

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