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No More Fishwrap

Specifically, what if The New York Times goes out of business — like, this May?

The Atlantic has a worthwhile article pondering the (very real) possibility that the NYT print edition might cease to exist by the middle of this year given their current financial situation.

One comment on the article -- it posits the HuffPo as a model for what a new, non-print NYT could be like. I hope that's wrong, given that the HuffPo for all its attention captured less than half a million dollars in revenue last year (and could make half that this year, given the lack of an election and a declining ad market.) Sure, the Times reaches 20 million online per day versus the HuffPo's 8 million or so per month, but even a multiple of say 10x the uniques isn't going to generate enough revenue to support their operation.


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