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Steve Jobs' Bitch

Cleaning House

As you can probably tell if you've visited this page any time in the past few years, there's some major changes going on right now. After much frustration around my old host (including today being unable to download a copy of my files there due to the server being so slow), I've surrendered to the inevitable and moved to a new company, LivingDot.

The move has a number of downsides (at the moment, any links to within the old site are broken and I haven't decided if I'm going to change the link format to address that.) But in general, the move is a huge improvement and should result a lot of good things happening here.

In terms of the photoblog that used to front Karlo.Org, I'll be getting that content over on this site at some point soon. Going forward, the site will likely mix written and photographic content -- I originally switched to the photos-only format because work limited my ability to write online, but that restriction is now lifted so I'm moving back to a more varied format.


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