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Great review. This makes me want to get out my 50mm 1.4 and play around with it. I find I have to be pretty careful when I open it up, those big apertures really have a tiny depth of field unless you're far from the target. It's fine if you have time to be careful about where the focus lands, but if you're trying to take quick shots, it can be difficult, for me at least.

The really great thing about these lenses is that they're quite cheap compared to zooms and yet much better picture quality, as you said. The Canon 50mm 1.8 is only $100!

Tom Karlo

I have a 50, but unless you're using a full-frame sensor camera, it's a little hard to use with DSLRs. With the 1.5x multiplier it becomes more of a portrait lens (similar to the 85 f/1.8)... it's very useful for that specific purpose, but difficult for general photography as the FOV is just too narrow.

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