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Lewis T. Smith

Please send Thomas Friedman's email address.

Lew Smith

giulia d amico

I would like to contact Mr Friedman, to send to him an invitation for our conference.
Please help me!


Mr. Friedman, I admire a lot of your articles, but not all of them, certainly not those where you seem not to understand that other 'nations' who have other beliefs, laws, capacities, education, etc. are not "transparent cynics" etc., (like the French you have been attacking recently so often) if they do not agree with the U.S. politics. You, like Bush & Cie, would be more respected with a bit more humility and broader mind, heart... One does not catch flies with vineger - that constant attack, on the French is not healthy, not kind, and cannot attract them. When a nation is called an "axis of evil" (not yet France!), how does this nation react? Certainly not by saying, "yes, you are right, you know better than anyone in the world (!), I am bad, I will change…"!!! America has to stretch a hand, really, and talk as EQUALS with other nations. Equality, not in the "power" that America has, the "money", but equality of the mind, in the heart, and America is certainly NOT superior in those.
Mr. Friedman, you seems to have a heart and a mind, you seem to have traveled enough to know what you are talking about, but, maybe, you do not read French fluently, you do not feel the language to really comprehend it - and if you could put aside all what you have learned in America (brain washed?) you would be a greater MAN!
I was born French, am American now, and admire a lot of American qualities, but I am not so proud of American politics - As many French people, I love and like America and Americans, but not Bush's clique, nor American arogance and air of superiority.
Bien amicalement,

Richard Starrett

Friedman, as an experienced and celebrated writer and commentator, should check his facts before writing his column: "Riding into Baghdad alone.." (Not so Thomas..we have forty countries on our side)"...Secretary of State, James Baker metin Geneva with Iraq Foreign Minister...Bush makes only one trip to meet with two allies in the Azores.." Truth is that Bush met with 167 nations at the UN and Powell made personal visits to dozens worldwide. Please Thomas...you're a good read but credibility depends upon truth, careful fairness and checking the facts. When you don't, it's noticeable.

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